An image of Tony Bhajam, the Watershed Inclusion Officer wearing a gold cape and fairy lights around his neck, and a pair of sunglasses, looking into the distance.
Studio blog

Meet the Research Team

Posted on Mon 25 Apr 2022

Watershed Research Team are taking over our Lunchtime Talks for the whole of May! Across four consecutive Fridays, they'll (re)introduce themselves and extend the lunchtime talk platform to some of their research partners.

Photo of graffiti saying If not us then who, if not now then when?

Meet The Future is Collective cohort

Posted on Thu 14 Apr 2022

Meet the eleven freelancers who have been appointed as part of The Future is Collective; a programme of work propelling community and climate activism by offering support and development to freelance creatives

A microscopic and multi coloured image of a long black item, surrounded by bubbles, pink and orange blurs

Midi Residency - Freddie Wulf

Posted on Tue 29 Mar 2022

We are delighted to announce the latest in our long running series of Midi Residencies. Funded places for artists who have an established practice and want to bring new technologies into their work

A photo of Shrouk dancing with a large piece of material with rainbow flag pattern. Shrouk is smiling, they have big black hair, bright blue eye make up and have moustache and a beard. They are wearing a belly dancer outfit; a jewel encrusted purple bra like top and a flowing blue skirt with a jewelled belt.
Project blog

Posted on Wed 16 Mar 2022

An update from Shrouk El-Attar on their Winter Residency - let's make a belly-dancing robot!

Three cranes dance on the Bristol Harbourside outside M-Shed
Studio blog

Creative Technology at Watershed

Posted on Tue 8 Feb 2022

In this article Martin O'Leary, Watershed's Creative Technologist, talks about how Watershed's relationship to creative technology has changed, and how we plan to move forward in a way that reflects our values

An image of a person with long black hair and a short fringe looking into the distance in a dark room, they are lit up in green neon light, and there are bright light bulbs scattered around in the background

R&D you can see 

Posted on Thu 27 Jan 2022

In this article Danielle Rose, Network Producer at Watershed outlines our aims to create more accessible, fun ways for people to witness and participate in some of the Studio community’s research and development projects.

Image Shrouk El-Attar belly dancing in drag, with a rainbow coloured piece of cloth mid dance.

Introducing our Winter Residency Artists 2022

Posted on Mon 17 Jan 2022

Following our Winter Residencies programme open call, we’re excited to introduce the two artists who will develop incredible ideas that blend culture and creative technologies - from a flying saucer to a belly dancing robot.

5 people playing a game together that involves multi coloured velcro blocks that stick to their bodies

Studio Community Inclusion Survey Report

Posted on Wed 22 Dec 2021

Our 2020/2021 report on the data gathered from the Annual Studio Resident survey, with detailed information on the make-up of the Studio, our methodologies in interpreting the data and our approach to the language we use