Photo of graffiti saying If not us then who, if not now then when?
Project blog by Danielle Rose

Posted on Thu 8 Dec 2022

The Future is Collective was a Watershed programme of work propelling community and climate activism by offering support and development to freelance creatives (2021-22). Here is some of the content created during the project

A yellow circle on a yellow background with handwritten text saying "Young people claim SPACE"
Project blog by Joe Hill

Posted on Thu 1 Dec 2022

Here is a blog post summarising the project We Don't Bite, and an invitation to read or listen to the report created, detailing the research and design process.


Out of the Blue

Posted on Fri 18 Nov 2022

Will Elon destroy Twitter? We hope not. But here's what we are thinking about and some useful tips if you are thinking about where to follow us, or where to set up new social channels for yourself