We’re excited to announce the return of the The Residents – the podcast series produced by Studio resident Prince Taylor and supported by the Pervasive Media Studio. We will be releasing an episode a week, every Monday. 

Kicking off with a live episode filmed in the studio itself on 27 Oct, this series sees Prince sitting down with more of the Pervasive Media Studio community and digging a little deeper into what the Studio does and how it does it. Over six episodes, the series hears from guests who have very different relationships with the Pervasive Media Studio, discusses what the community means to them and examines how they go about creating incredible experiences for their audiences.

Prince says:

...I had this moment of seeing how deep in transition everything is, people adjusting to the end of Pandemic; the Studio redefining its practice and service; me and my name. It's been a beautiful process of assurance in the midst of heaps of uncertainty. This series is really playful whilst being kind of accidentally introspective!

If you didn't catch the first series – or simply wanted to listen again (it's brilliant!) you can do so here.

"Season 1 of The Residents was a big deal for us, a first foray into supporting a podcast like this. It was a really amazing way for the community to process some of what happened during two years of COVID. Season 2 takes us deeper into the world of the Studio Community and its myriad of Residents. It makes us look forward reflectively. I'm so excited for people to hear it." Luke Emery, Studio Community Producer 2019-2022

Thanks to Jo Kimber for their support in developing and writing the podcast.

Episodes include:

Episode 1 – The Changelings

In this episode Prince Taylor will be joined by previous Inclusion Producer Zahra Ash Harper to explore the essence of community spirit. We ask ourselves what it means when you work selflessly and how to manage your ambitions and expectations against reality.


Episode 2 – Not Your Shoe Size

In this episode we look at the Pervasive Media Studio through a multigenerational lens. Our guests, Studio Residents Tim Kindberg (a Writer and Digital Creative) and Constance Fleuriot (Artist/Writer/Game Maker) share some of their reflections on the development of technology and how it has influenced their work, while touching upon the curiosity of the Studio as a cross-generational unifier.


Episode 3 – Me Myself & Mini Me

In this episode we speak to residents who have tackled working in the creative industry whilst raising a family, delving into the trusting, faith journey of motherhood. The conversation addresses the role the Studio had in this journey for Residents, Levita and Liz. Be warned, this one is emotional!


Episode 4 – Hello From the Other Side

Happy New Year! We're back with a bang, speaking to Residents who no longer make regular use of the physical space on Canon’s Way, but are still familiar members of the community.

Joining Prince this week is Verity Mcintosh - Senior Lecturer in Virtual and Extended Realities at UWE Bristol and Laura Kriefman, founder and Creative Director of Hellion Trace and Director of Plymouth's Barbican. Though both now work further afield, their presence is still very much felt in the space. Prince asks, what the Studio did for them, exactly how it enabled them to recognise certain ambitions and they discuss developing the gumption to take up space in the creative community as women.


Episode 5 – Fuzzy Logic

In this episode, Prince speaks to Residents Chloe MeineckVictoria Melody and Barney Heywood for whom Mental Health plays a significant part in their lives and their work. We take a playful look at how normalising difficult conversations around mental health provides countless opportunities for growth and innovative work, and explore the role the Studio has had in helping them to dispel myths around living with the challenges of mental health.


Episode 6 – Lost in Translation

In this episode Prince speaks to Residents who have either migrated to the UK or are now living abroad, but who all retain a connection to the Studio. With guests Lisa Harewood, Charlie Williams and Camille Aubry, this episode cracks the Studio Resident community wide open, playing with some funny British idiosyncrasies and acknowledging the significance of a place like the Studio and the opportunities it offers to people coming to the UK for the first time.