Chloe Meineck specialises in authentic co-design, facilitates co-design processes and equitable design projects, co-founded and co-runs queer community groups, is a researcher and artist. 

Chloe's Practice:

Compassion, empathy and care

Co-creation, co-design, design justice

Disability + Queer Justice

Regenerative design principles, sustainable design theories, emotionally durable design

Using drawing, designing, co-creating to express emotions and moods

Prototyping digital and physical electronics

Crafting, painting, zine-making, making in multiple materials

Object value + importance for memory and identity

Understanding identity and life transitions

Using nature metaphors for complex issues


Activism/ community building

Co-founded and facilitate Bristol Butch Bar, a social takeover to celebrate Butchness across the queer community, lesbian, trans and non binary celebratory

Co-founded and facilitate Bristol Queer Death Cafe, for conversations about loss, grief and dying within the queer community

Queer Dinners - run by fellow resident Jas Creusson, Chloe is producer for Queer Dinners - food, live art and storytelling, immersive feasts

Started a Watershed MyWorld Fellowship as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme in November 2023, focusing on Community Engagement and Participation at the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries at Bath Spa University, but based at The Studio, the University’s innovation hub. 

I'm super excited to start the MyWorld Fellowship at the Studio in Bath - I'm looking forward to working with partners Creative Twerton and Little Lost Robot CIC as well as starting to find out more about the different community groups I might be working with on my fellowship. With my current focus on queer community building and inclusive co-creation with queer, neurodiverse and/or disabled people, I'm looking forward to getting to know a new place, new people and how I can apply my co-design and co-creation skills and methods to support people, explore accessible creative technology together and how it can be co-designed/co-created to have impact on people’s lives.

If you are interested in chatting to Chloe over a cup of tea -  about her work and meaningful co-creation with community groups please get in touch with her. 


Selected Current Projects:

Murmurations (Nothing about us, without us) 

Collaboration with studio residents Raquel Meseguer Zafe and Graham Johnson. Chloe was co-lead artist on this project.

Murmurations seeks to share the hidden experiences of older people, queer people and the crip community - the highs, the lows, and the strategies we use to navigate the world.

We have worked closely with groups spanning these communities, listening, talking, and finding out what must be heard. We co-designed values with members of these groups, bringing these into an experience that aims to make the invisible visible.

Murmurations exists in the physical world as a blanket, a resting space where you can hear the words of age, crip and queer. We have recreated this online:

Funded by Connecting to Culture As We Age - Uni of Bristol


Hopeful and Generous Food Futures

Collaboration with Georgia Bate - Bricks St.Annes House and Liz Roberts, UWE. Chloe on this project is co-design consultant, facilitator and researcher. 

Hopeful and Generous Food Futures is a creative research project exploring and uncovering community growing schemes and organisations around Bristol that use regenerative principles in their work. Looking at how a city can give back to its environment, not just extract, inspired by Donut Economic principles. Chloe has lead co-design workshops with members of public and food innovators, around topics of regenerative economies, food insecurity and using natures cycles as inspiration for sharing and growing initiatives. We are currently creating a community led hydroponics growing project at St.Annes House called 'New Ways of Growing Together' in collaboration with studio resident Katy Connor, creatively investigating hydroponics, it's actual power and water use, looking at the full story of what goes in to a system, sustainability concerns and measuring the values of what comes out, including meeting friends, connections, care and the potential use for people with no access to outdoor growing space. 


Queer Communities of Care

The aim of this project is to form a new collaboration between social sciences researcher Paul Willis and independent artist Chloe Meineck to explore the emotional physical and social structures of families of choice and the care and support they provide for LGBTQ+ people.

  • Exploring different forms of care relationships between two or more people, what models are they going to use?
  • Envisioning queer care futures as envisioned by younger LGBTQ+ people.
  • Exploring the different relationship care structures, for example within poly families compared to monogamous relationships, and the durability of these over time.
  • Exploring unorthodox spaces/places where caring relationships are practised by LGBTQ+ people.
  • Thinking of crisis points in people’s lives: transitioning, medical care, illness, mental health care, emergency situations, end-of-life care/death and dying (including care post-death).


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