'Digital seeds' is a project born as a reaction to the feeling of being inundated with too much content online. As individuals we are exposed to an infinite amount of often very interesting digital content.

My argument is that it is harder to valuable intake and store much of this information due to the volume we are saturated by.

Many online services have evolved to filter interesting content, like stumble upon, digg.com or blogs. However, it could be argued that this exacerbates the problem by exposing us to an even larger amount of increasingly more appealing online media. This leads to more choice but less of a connection with what we consume, having a fragmentary effect on the content we choose.

Mark Curtis, author of Distractionand founder of Fjord, makes a similar argument in that today's culture is one of 'distraction'. The ease of discover, and inherent instant gratification of our digital landscape increasingly divides our potential to form deeper relationships with the media we consume.

My aim is to explore and implement more meaningful structures for the consumption of content. I'm seeking to increase the feeling of shared intellect and create a greater experience of the content that creates us in order to counter act our often frivolous consumption of digital media.