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The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

Dr Edson Burton

An immersive theatre piece exploring decolonised identities, mythologies, cultural syncretism, ghosts, exodus & environmental collapse.

Video: The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

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Edson is a writer, historian, programmer exploring themes of racial identity, post racial identity and mythology through the lens of Afrofuturism

Edson Burton

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut is a immersive theatre show in development. The discovery of an archaic device on a lifeless planet leads an Afronaut explorer to question the origins of his/her civilization.

Working with

Alejandro Padron

Visual artist, illustrator, working with live drawing & design & projection

Roy Williams

Roy Williams has spent over 25 years as a computer animator, working in the UK and the Caribbean. In additional to 3D animation (CGI), his knowledge expands into the areas of 2D animation, visual effects, graphic design and video editing. Now he is utilising this experience into the area of virtual and augmented reality, currently creating an application framework enabling any medium, whether 2d, 3d animation, print, video, or any combination thereof into a virtual and/or augmented reality workspace for artistic or commercial purposes. television and film production, Roy also enjoys computer programming, designing and programming websites and creating objects for rapid prototyping via 3D printing.

Set a millenia and some in the future, The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut is an immersive theatre piece in which protagonist Afronaut Femi travels through space in search of life on other planets. After landing on a desolate world she recreates the last survivor Maya, an extra-terrestrial the like of which she has never seen before, a White girl. What they learn about and from each other, irrevocably alters who they are.

The Last Blues Song is at an idea which I first imagined in 2013. Becoming Watershed's Artist in Residence has given me the opportunity to experiment and kick start a long held ambition to turn this idea into a full scale piece theatre piece. The residency could not have come at a more perfect moment in my life. With support from Watershed and the Studio community, I have brought together a talented team of collaborators, explored the shape of the project and looked at what technologies could support the storytelling. The Residency has raised the bar on my practice, and accelerated my self development at a perfect time in my career.

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