A whole new creative medium is emerging, and Limina is on a mission to bring it to broad, diverse audiences.

Through our unique curation style and pop up VR theatre format we frame creative VR experiences as something for the people to do as part of a day or an evening out. 

Our approach is based on an ongoing process of extensive audience research and testing, working with leading universities and cultural venues. We work closely with some of the world’s most talented VR producers, giving us access to the most pioneering and meaningful content out there.

We invite you to come and experience VR the Limina way at one of our upcoming pop up VR theatre events. If you’re interested in our expertise for a consultancy project, or would like us to come to your venue, then you can get in touch here. 

Limina's core team comprises of its founder Catherine Allen and producers Tessa Ratuszynska & Emma Hughes.

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