Magna Mysteria

Mercurial Wrestler

Magna Mysteria, a large-scale site-based contemporary performance piece that utilises augmented reality technologies and pervasive media to recreate magical illusions.

Made by

Becca Gill

Becca Gill works as an independent director and producer creating multi-disciplinary arts events.

Jay Kerry

Jay Kerry is a trained actor, technician, project manager, performance artist and aerial acrobat.

This isn’t a game. You are not here to play a game.

All we ask is that you hold in your mind one simple idea:


The Morrelini Sisters invite you to join their carnival troupe on a journey of intrigue in Magna Mysteria; an interactive series of magical events, culminating in the most spectacular showdown Bristol has ever seen.

Enter a world of wondrous trickery, stupendous illusion and ultimate secrecy. Cynics, show your faces, you will not believe your eyes.

This is not a game, and there's no right or wrong... but there are many paths, and no one will experience Magna Mysteria in the same way. Collect your invitation to the magic show and let the world unravel around you. Characters will tell conflicting tales, immortals will tweet. Who or what will you believe?

Banish your preconceptions and let your imagination revel in the inconceivable as you voyage with us through the legends of a forgotten time.

Magna Mysteria; pick your card.