Mayfly emerged from our chance discovery of a battered Moroccan guidebook stuffed with tickets. Leafing through those pages, we longed to hear the sounds of that faraway place. This led to the creation of Mayfly - a place where you can store the sounds, scribbles and scraps of life.

Mayfly connects the real world with the digital world through beautifully crafted products that allow you to record and listen to life.

We are enthralled by the wonders of technology, but couldn’t live without real, tangible things, like notebooks, tickets and scraps of ephemera that we keep to remind us of what we’ve done. Sounds can only be stored and replayed if they are captured and recorded. Our mission is to bring the physical and digital together. Mayfly products are designed and made with great care and attention using high-quality, British-made materials. Likewise, our mobile app has a simple, intuitive design to make it as easy as possible for you to get on with creating your own Mayfly collections.

Mayflying encourages face-to-face and digital interactions through the making and sharing of sound recordings. Our vision is to extend that ethos of community by instigating Mayfly projects around the world including journal sharing meet-ups, workshops and exhibitions.

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