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Unfixed 2.0


"if disabled people are able to access ways of being in the world that the ‘able-bodied’ are not, who exactly is disabled?"

Made by

Aidan Moesby

Caglar Kimyoncu

Daniel Savage

Jane Gauntlett

John Willanksi

Michele Saint-Yves

Sarah Houbolt

Sue Williams

Tim Wheeler

Trish Adams

Unfixed is a Creative Research project involving ten Australian and UK disabled artists selected to investigate the intersection between art, disability and technology. The artists spent two weeks exploring the notions of the 'fixed' and 'unfixed' body through the lens of art and creative technology during their first residency (November 2015) in Adelaide, Australia. 

The artists came to together again in September 2016 for Unfixed 2.0, a lab to further their explorations and to develop and prototype ideas around the Unfixed theme. 

Unfixed is produced by The Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), Access2Arts (AUS), Unlimited (UK) and Watershed (UK).

Alongside Unfixed 2.0, Watershed partnered with Unlimited to produce a UK tour of talks. The participating artists shared their work, learnings and inspirations at a series of talks across the country: Southbank Unlimited FestivalBrighton Digital Festival, Glasgow's Tramway Unlimited Festival and here at Watershed. 

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