Adam Curtis

Adam is an animator and designer, fervent in exploring new ways of interacting with technology. With an emphasis on the end-user's well-being, they're creating experiences approaching the concerns of a vicarious future.


Adam is an animator with an interest in furthering and developing for immersive technologies. Virtual and Augmented realities take the focus of their work, creating spaces addressing the nature of vicarious living in the digital age. Their works span from pervasive, social games like Business Business, a game comprised of shaking people's hands while saying "business", to micro-games like "BikeRide". With their background in animation, their time is often steered towards a tangibility in its implementation, ensuring a realism is instilled in said spaces.

They're also keenly interested is narrative design, creating games like Veris, reducing amnesia in its use as a plot device to drive play, and how it affects player agency when applied accurately.

You can find some of their work on Itch.Io.