Bristol-based visual Artist and Designer.  Much of Ade’s creative practice emerges from his interest in the interplay between natural and man-made systems. 

Working in the landscape between art and design, Ade is curious about how societal, technological and commercial agents mediate our perceptions, and how creative industries can challenge received ideas to offer more agency for individuals and communities. 

Ade has a particular interest in sustainable design through experimental use of materials and industrial processes, with an emphasis on the circular economy and how we can create resilience in the face of uncertain futures.

As a resident in the Pervasive Media Studio, he is working on Chromoan experimental design research project which asks if digital fabrication technologies have a role in re-democratising and propagating sustainable energy solutions. 

In his wider practice, Ade has worked collaboratively with organisations from social, educational, and arts/culture contexts (e.g. Bristol Old Vic, DOTT (Design of the Times), Open Culture Liverpool, Duckie London, KWMC).