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Alistair Gentry

'Frankly disturbing' artist, writer, jack of all trades, master of some. Hot pink tech drag fake AI.

A person sitting at a gold desk in front of a gold and pink sunburst pattern. They are wearing a knitted pink mask with big google eyes, a pink wig, a pink kimono with gold obi, and one white cotton glove. Next to them is DoxBox, a hot pink robot on wheels with an animated face on a screen.

DoxBox Trustbot by Alistair Gentry


An illustration of 2 flying saucers with a sky coloured background. There are two illustrated people laughing in the forefront wearing colourful boiler suits. In the bottom left of the illustration is a vintage British rail logo.

British Fusion

An augmented reality experience by Alistair Gentry, based on the weird discovery that in the early 1970s British Rail filed a patent for a flying saucer.

I make live art, performance lectures, interventions, participatory experiences and live role-playing games, mainly for communities and audiences outside of conventional gallery or performance spaces. I like folklore, magic, silly costumes, museums, absurdity, the uncanny valley, doing things that help people think, improving the world incrementally, and making machines and systems do things their makers wouldn’t approve of.

My most recent projects were DoxBox Trustbot– a fake AI puppet commissioned by The Open Data Institute's Data as Culture Programme– and year seven of The Portland Office for Imaginary History, a satirical tourist information agency for and with the people of Portland, Dorset, commissioned by b-side.

Currently artist in residence at Pervasive Media Studio, working on a flying saucer project through February and March 2022. Yes, really. Say hello, tell me about what you're working on.