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Annie Davies

Annie is a sensory design consultant, part 1 architect that specialises in computational design. Her work focuses on creating inclusive spaces for people who are neurodivergent.

Annie sitting in the joey pod: a timber structure with LED lights.

Annie recently graduated as a Part 1 Architect and is currently studying MSc computational architecture at UWE.  Using her own experience as someone with ADHD and a parent to an Autistic son, she found there was a lack of neurodivergent(ND) friendly spaces within the built environment.  As a sensory design consultant she works closely with the ND community to create new design solutions, through computational methods.

Annie's latest project Joey Pods, launching in October this year, is a modular structure with audio visual effects in the form of programmable LED light displays with music and other sounds offering a new way for public spaces and businesses to cater for those with sensory processing difficulties.