Bethan Harris

Bethan is a freelance strategist, designer and facilitator.

Independent strategist and collaborator

Bethan is a freelance strategist, designer and facilitator. Her work explores how to unlock individual and collective agency to affect positive change; from inspiring activism inside corporations, to designing new ways to get people engaged in politics, to experimenting with the role of networks and communities in fostering personal resilience and social action.

In 2016, she founded We are Europe, in an attempt to get younger voices engaged in the EU referendum. What started as a small idea between friends to build a positive campaign and open innovation platform, quickly became the third biggest ‘remain’ campaign, engaged over 200 creatives in producing and distributing content and reached over 600 million people worldwide - in part due to a giant mural of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in Stokes Croft. She now works with Collectively, the League of Intrapreneurs and the Comms Lab to support people to create change from the inside of institutions and systems. Inspired by her experiences founding We are Europe, and the subsequent ‘burnout’ - she has co-founded a group to support other female leaders be more confident, resilient and collaborative - using events and experiences to support women to be more vulnerable and open about their personal and professional challenges.

Bethan is incredibly passionate about connecting and supporting people doing positive work, especially those in the creative professions, and hopes to bring this energy to the studio community, as well as be inspired and learn from the amazing work being done in Bristol.