Camille Aubry

Camille Aubry is a French Bristol-based graphic artist, working as a freelance live illustrator and cartoonist. She is developing an enhanced live drawing experience practice with the help of creative technologies.

Camille Aubry

Photo by Anita Pouchard Serra

Camille Aubry is a French graphic artist based in Bristol. She graduated as an architect in Paris before completing an MA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts.

Camille works as a scribe (live illustrator), documenting events, conferences, seminars, concerts, meetings, presentations and pitches with live drawings and sketchnotes. She develops a 'live drawing' performance practice, combining her ability to scribe in the moment, inspired by what she witnesses, with the longer tricks of the sequential arts.

Through her illustrations and cartoons Camille likes to tell stories of activism, whether they are born in the streets or at home, in the social unit of the family. Her on-going graphic novel A Journey to Motherhood was longlisted in both 2018 and 2019 for the Laydeez Do Comics Award and is being published as a blog series on the Graphic Medicine website since December 2019. Since 2018 Camille co-manages the Bristol Laydeez do Comics branch and organises comics-related events around the city. 

She is a founding member and official illustrator of the French multidisciplinary collective Sans plus Attendre with whom she has worked and exhibited throughout France and mainland Europe.

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