Dan Fairs


I was cofounder and CTO at SecondSync, acquired by Twitter. Cofounder of polling company Poli and non-executive director at AutonoMe, using tech to help people with learning disabilities live more independently.

After a decade working building web sites and engineering teams in sectors as diverse as psychological testing, experience gift retail and banking, I set out on my own in 2008. I helped port ISM Fantasy Games' fantasy sports platform to Django, designing the underlying architecture and major components; the platform serves millions of users to this day.

In 2011, I co-founded SecondSync with three others. Measuring TV-related chatter on Twitter, we built the business to about 14 employees and were finally acquired by Twitter in 2014.

I worked at Twitter for two more years, leading the engineering team building their own TV Analytics platform. I had a six month stint working on Twitter's internal topic tagging toolchain, and then led the backend team responsible for delivering the Live Video experience across iOS, Android and web.

I left Twitter in 2016, and got stuck back into the Bristol start-up scene becoming a non-executive director of Inclusive Media Solutions, who help people with learning disabilities live independently in their homes. Simultaneously I cofounded Poli with members of the original SecondSync team - so I'm now working on improving democratic decision-making by providing polling through messaging platforms.