Dan Pollard

Dan is a composer, musical instrument builder and sound artist, currently using cymatics to explore underwater noise pollution and its impact on marine life.

Dan Pollard


The Isolation Melody

The Isolation Melody

An international musical collaboration between people and their objects during the COVID-19 Pandemic. One note at a time.
Whale calls create visible vibrations in water

Liquid Noise

Liquid Noise uses cymatics to visualise marine bioacoustics and noise pollution. The technique was originally developed for Annie Moir's documentary A Voice Above Nature. The film explored the impact of underwater noise…

Dan has created music and sound for film, TV, radio, theatre, installations, apps and podcasts. He has a particular interest in novel and unusual sound sources and has previously made music from the BBC Natural History Unit's sound archive (30 Animals that Made us Smarter - BBC World Service), instruments from Bristol's slave trade history (Noughts and Crosses - BBC One), hospital equipment (The Cave - National Geographic) and the contents of his house (Algoritmo - Netflix).

He is currently:

  • Exploring how cymatics can be used to visualise marine bioacoustics and noise pollution for his installation Liquid Noise.
  • Working with PECo Theatre on immersive sound and music for their City of Threads project.
  • Curating the Museum of Sound with Matthew Herbert and the New BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

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