David Smee

Kick Sum Limited

Using robotic characters to enhance children's learning

David at work

David at work

I work on STEM educational books covering robotics, computers coding & primates. I also supply educational robots to help teach coding in schools. I'm especially motivated to support girls' unrestricted and uninhibited careers in technology (or whatever they choose!) as a father of two young girls. My focus at the Pervasive Media Studio is the  development of an educational robot to help young children's independent learning linked to the natural world. Currently the idea is taking shape through human-centric research and will continue to develop supported by Human Robot Interaction (HRI) academics at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. 
Happy to talk. Get in touch on and 07989 575241
My background (in 3rd person):
David started out with degrees in product design and marketing and (after being a bit of travel) followed a career in technology product management, research and marketing. He has worked in some major tech companies over 15 years, involved in some great innovations including videotelephony, digital broadcast, 3G networks and smartphones in Europe and Japan. 
He entered the madcap world of early stage companies working for Bristol University spin out ProVision Communication about 10 years ago. This role had a good wage, share options and international travel, so it completely fooled him into thinking startups were a lucrative and glamorous pursuit ;-) While there he managed the launch of ProVision and its wireless HD technologies successfully at CES, Las Vegas.
Not daunted by startup boom and bust, he founded Kick Sum Limited in 2013 to do more exciting work supporting early stage technology companies with research & commercialisation. With a mixture of consulting, being employed and rolling his sleeves up for sweat equity, he has gained wide-ranging early business experience supporting a number of startups including Folium Optics, VRGO & Reach Robotics. He enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and is open to the idea of collaborating on projects.