Skeptical towards the use of technology and its integration into our everyday lives, I attempt to bridge physical with virtual. My aim is to conduct practice-based research producing thought-provoking multidisciplinary projects to stimulate awareness about the effects of tech advances on people, community and the environment. I am particularly drawn in incorporating physical and tactile elements in virtual environments, while through my projects I am also trying to explore participatory practices, creating thoughtful and inclusive experiences, and researching on how co-creation alters the artwork and the participants involved. 

I am a Production Designer, Art Director and Maker with a interdisciplinary skillset that spans across  visual storytelling, interactive experiences, filmmaking, performance and installation art, model making, 3D printing and laser cutting. I love exchanging ideas with other creatives and collaborating with like-minded people to produce multidisciplinary projects that combine art, technology, engineering and science!


Studio themes