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Eldarin Jing J. Yeong

Theatre maker and cross-disciplinary artist

Woman looking through an optical lens and smiling at the camera

Eldarin is a theatre maker and cross-disciplinary artist. Former theatre journalist for the UK-Chinese Times newspaper. An alumna @Imperial College London, University of Bristol, and RADA.

She is the winner of the 3rd prize International Award "Lorenzo il Magnifico" (2019). 

She is heavily influenced by Symbolism, Theatre of Absurd and German Expressionism, and often takes a stand on social justice issues. She is currently working on a film project Die Kreuzung about female empowerment, the Shadow Self and Jungian psychology. 
Her group 2617KUNST (previously Eldarin Yeong Studio) has been making and producing theatre and cross-disciplinary works since 2013. Recent projects include The Meal of Madam Candlestick at Wells Art Contemporary (as video art) and Florence Biennale (as performance art), Tanztheater Dry Room at the World Stage Design (live performance) and Tate Modern (video art), physical theatre Normal Love at Sadler's Wells Theatre, and a short documentary Old Boys.