Jo Bannon

Jo Bannon is an artist working in performance, choreography and live art. Her current work focuses on the sensory body, identity, vision and disability.

Jo Bannon is an artist working in performance, choreography and live art. Since 2006, she has created performances spanning theatre, live art, installation and site-specific practice, which have toured to over 20 countries across 5 continents. She also works as a writer, dramaturg and is a founder member of artist collective Residence.

Her work is concerned with identity, sensory perception, and human encounter and explores how our physical bodies experience the world around us and how this sensory experience can or cannot be conveyed. Bannon's work is informed by her identity as a disabled woman with albinism and attempts to unpick the ways we look, hear and sense our immediate environment in order to rethink or make unfamiliar these intrinsic human behaviors. Her performance work often manifests as intimate encounters designed for single or small audiences alongside staged theatre work and installations.

She has presented work in the UK, Europe, South America, USA, China, South Korea and Australia including The Barbican, IBT Festival, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Arnolfini, Itau Cultural Sao Paulo, Battersea Arts Centre, The Times Museum Guangzhou, Gessneralle Zurich, and the National Theatre. Jo has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level as visiting lecturer at several UK universities, and has led workshops and residencies world-wide.

Recent works include 'We Are Fucked' a large staged performance for 3 female bodies, an industrial hoover, an extension cable and a tape measure, exploding ideas of labour, gender and penetration.

'Alba' A staged performance about whiteness, miracle and tenderness inspired by the artists birth co-incinding with a papal visit to her hometown of Coventry.

'Dead Line' A performance down the phone for one audience member where you are invited to have a conversation with an expert about your own death.

'Exposure' An intiamte and immersive one to one performance in total darkenss expoloring how we look, how we are looked at and questioning if we can ever really be seen. 

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