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Jonny Cotsen

A theatre maker that wears many hats. Also a fond lover of eating Jaffa Cakes.

Jonny explores his vision of breaking down communication between deaf and hearing people. He wants to use technology to build a prototype hearing aid for hearing people to wear that would take a hearing person on an immersive experience of a deaf person.

It would go beyond the usual access that audiences would expect during an accessible performance, like captions or an interpreter. It would transport a hearing person into a deaf persons world in a public space with all the extra sensory experiences such as traffic noise, people talking and walking, mobile phones, birds, smells of food and pollution. Whilst this is an idea it would benefit from a collaborative approach as Jonny feels he can only provide one side of the story from a deaf persons perspective. 

Jonny's believe my experience as a performer has provided him with the skills and confidence to connect with audiences using physical theatre, and to take audiences on a journey beyond the spoken word.

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