Lisa Harewood is a storyteller from Barbados whose commitment is primarily in uncovering the unknown stories of the Caribbean and its diaspora. Her work was previously focussed in the arena of communication for development for regional and international agencies.

In 2011 she produced an award-winning micro-budget feature film, A Hand Full of Dirt, and in 2013 her short film script, Auntie, was selected for development by the Commonwealth Foundation. Her debut film as a writer/director, Auntie has been screened extensively around the world and is part of the curriculum at several universities.

Lisa is also the Creative Director of the Barrel Stories Project, a digital audio archive of stories of Caribbean parents, children and caregivers affected by separation due to migration. She is in the process of expanding it into an interactive multi-platform project entitled Love and Seawater.

Lisa holds an MA from the University of Warwick in Creative and Media Enterprises and an MA in Documentary Production from the University of the West of England.