I am a Bristol based, award-winning creative producer and socially-engaged artist. I studied Contemporary Theatre with Digital Arts practice at Dartington and recently completed the MA in Creative Producing at UWE and Watershed. My portfolio of multi-disciplinary practice, both here in the UK and overseas, has seen me work with companies such as Blast Theory, Arnolfini, Bristol Light Festival, Knowle West Media Centre, Gloucester Culture Trust, Festival UK* 2022, Green Man Festival, Raucous and Channel 4.

As an artist, I am all about human connection, finding new ways for us to feel empowered to share our narrative. I design work using devised theatre techniques, digital technology and the dramaturgies of place to put people at the centre, allowing for multiple levels of engagement. My work is always considerate and inspired by what makes us human and how designing simple interactions with a human-centred approach can help us engage with sensitive cultural issues in an open and playful way.

In the last two years my practice has seen me re-shift my focus to explore the environmental crisis and how we are adapting, coping and responding in the face of environmental change. The narrative around environmentalism can be really hard to understand unless new ways to engage with one another and the natural world on an emotional level are carved out of the landscape. Often when we talk about environmental issues we have feelings of hopelessness, frustration, shame, guilt or disconnect. I wish to find out how we can explore feelings of hope, connection and fascination by learning about nature-based solutions to human-made problems and forming interspecies collaborations. 

Engagement and inclusion are central to my practice both as an artist and producer. I believe there is immense value in collaboration, supporting others and harnessing the values of kindness, generosity and honesty to bring an idea to life collectively.

​If you have an idea for a project and want to grab a drink then please get in contact, I would really love to hear from you.


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