While a resident, Marcus used his time at the studio to explore questions around how technology is used to frame and attract attention and engagement with political and cultural ideas, and learn about the world in so doing.

His research interests are:

  • Disinformation and non-information uses for digital media, including hoaxes, "fake news" and hedonic media consumption
  • The role of psychology, emotion and affect in media attention and engagement
  • The political and systemic conditions that form the backdrop to the information ecosystem

Marcus also carries out technical research on the use of web-based digital storytelling techniques to create more appealing and accessible factual media, and is using some of his time at the studio to further develop 'Smartest', a platform of his creation to make it more deployable for new users to do the same.

Besides being a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio, Marcus Gilroy-Ware is:

He also hopes to research new means to publish electronic books, and collaborate with other residents to explore alternative input devices for musical performance.

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