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Nik Rawlings

Nik Rawlings is a Counter Tenor vocalist, Artist and DJ/Promoter.

Nik Rawlings portrait with drag make up and pink background

Image Credit: Oliver James

Nik Rawlings is a Counter Tenor vocalist, Artist and DJ/Promoter.

They often make work that considers experiences of remote networked presence, polymorphous bodies and vocal transformation.

Their current project works to develop a new wireless multichannel sound system for performance, and is a recipient of the Expanded Performance Prototype grant from Bristol + Bath Creative R+D.

As an artist they have shown work in at LUMA Foundation in Zurich, Guest Projects in London (for CUNTEMPORARY) and DIY performance spaces around London. Most recently they contributed recordings of renaissance vocal works to artist Bryony Gillard’s work I Dreamed I Called You on the Telephone, currently being shown at Jerwood Space in London

As a DJ performing as Ni-Ku, they have performed at Intruder Alert in Warsaw, Boo Hoo in Berlin, Tropical Waste in London and a host of other parties and raves around UK. They have their own show on Bristol’s Noods Radio and provided runway compositions for London fashion designer Ingrid Kraftchenko.

Alongside London-based DJ J.Aria, they ran a series of clubnights - AfterTouch, SofterTouch & MegaLast. They hosted femme, queer and progressive DJs and producers including object blue, AYA, Spinee and Loraine James, alongside confrontational drag and queer performances they worked to create spaces for complex, messy, joyful communities.

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