Originally from Australia, Patrick is Associate Professor of Digital Cultures in the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the Studio. He researches, writes and speaks about digital technoculture, video games, drones, and animation among other things.

Patrick leads initiatives in the DCRC's 'Automation of Everyday Life' research strand, and is involved with Sussex University's Digital Humanities Lab in a collaborative project about 'Automation anxiety'.  He represents the DCRC as part of the international Digital Studies Network headed up by the Institute de Recherche et d'Innovation in Paris and its director, philosopher-cultural activist Bernard Stiegler.

He collaborated with game developer Auroch Digital in the REACT Future Documentary Sandbox to make the experimental documentary/game hybrid, JtR125 exploring the Jack the Ripper history and media phenomenon.

In 2014-15 he ran an AHRC Videogames Research Networking project, Creative Territories, with project partners the Bristol Games Hub and the University of Utrecht. Creative Territories published The Good Hubbing Guide for creative industry organisations, game makers and researchers interested in fostering indie game development. 

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