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Scarlett Smith

Playable Circus Theatre

Scarlett stands just right of the centre holding two hula hoops by her waist. She is smiling, surrounded by bubbles and wearing a green boiler suit with a sequin star on the chest pocket.

Scarlett is the creative director of Made Up Mischief, a new Bristol based circus theatre company specialising in interactive, playable creations. She is passionate about making work where the audience is integral to the performance; getting to play, input and influence how the show turns out. Her creations are often a bit chaotic, usually quite silly, and always made to be messed with. 

During her degree at Circomedia, she started a practice as research module exploring how circus can be integrated with and influenced by games. This has helped fuel her curiosity into how creative technologies are used in gaming, and how these can be used to facilitate play and interactivity within circus performance. She'll be exploring this more as part of her residency at PMStudio while developing The Human Arcade Game, a playable outdoor arts piece where instead of your avatar being on a screen, your avatar is a real human being.