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Tanuja Amarasuriya


Director / dramaturg / sound designer | co-Artistic Director of Sleepdogs, a wide-ranging collaboration with Timothy X Atack | sci-fi fan | human woman


Sleepdogs: Ocean Confessions, photo by Brian Hartley

Ocean Confessions

Site-responsive, live mixed headphone piece. Originated and prototyped in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka in 2018.

A Million Tiny Glitches

An electronic musical about grief, musically inspired by the likes of Björk, FKA Twigs, ANOHNI and Jon Hopkins | More info at

Dark Land Light House

Sci-fi theatre | more info at

I'm a director and sound designer working in theatre, film, digital audio and other forms. I was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in north east England, and now I live in Bristol (UK). I'm mostly into creating transportive, emotionally complex and resonant experiences for audiences. 

I'm co-artistic director of Sleepdogs, a collaboration with writer and composer Timothy X Atack. We're particularly interested exploring how we exist as humans in a technologically and culturally dispersed world. As collaborators, we share a love of finding common ground in seemingly conflicting material: the commercial and the experimental, the comic and the horrific, the complex and the hopelessly naïve. We believe it’s the in-between spaces where you find the truly interesting stuff: the feelings and ideas we want to share with an audience — stories that haven’t been told quite that way before, scenic routes not yet taken, familiar emotions made complex again.

Our work has been developed and presented nationally and internationally, including at the National Theatre (London), Manchester Royal Exchange, Brighton Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Bristol Old Vic, Bios (Athens), Sura Medura (Sri Lanka) and NexT Festival (Bucharest).

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