Tom uses light to create unique storytelling experiences. 

As graduate fellow at Rockefeller University in New York, he designed and constructed microscopes to observe molecular processes. After dark he built experimental shadow plays for downtown theaters. Today he combines his background in science and theatre to produce storytelling experiences, both large and small.

At Pervasive Media Studio, Tom is developing a small shadow theatre for the home. The table-top theatre opens to cast interactive shadow worlds using new 3D and inverse shadow technology. The theatre will enable anyone to quickly create and perform stories. Tom is currently building a large theatre production called ‘Hollow’ about the American explorer Jeremiah Reynolds.

He is a recipient of a Sky Academy Arts Scholarship in 2014 and former resident at The Barbican's Fish Island Labs. His work has been feature on NPR and Sky Arts and his performances include “Voyage to the Skies" at St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn.