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Yiota Demetriou

I am an Imagineer, Multimedia Artist, Experience Maker, Audience/UX Researcher, and Academic of Performance Studies and Digital Media.

I am a British Cypriot self-made Imagineer based in Bristol. My creative work and research are audience-centric, focused on life stories and, new ways of developing narrative immersive experiences across media platforms, with and for the public. I have created and produced such experiences for the stage, museums, archives, speakers, XR technologies, and for books.

I have lectured and conducted research at UK-based and international Universities, across faculties of Cultural and Creative Industries; departments of Theatre and Performance, History, Digital Humanities, and Political Sciences, Geography, and Innovation. 

I am the founder of Performance and Live Art Platform, a cultural enterprise for emerging cultural workers based in Cyprus and beyond; and a co-founder of CyArtHub, a social enterprise and digital networking tool, aimed at the development of multidisciplinary collaborations, cultural advocacy, and opportunities for creative individuals, start-ups, and organisations, across borders. 

Projects & Collaborations

To You, is an intimate reading experience hidden in the pages of an apparently unreadable book. In it are poetic love letters never sent. But this is not like any other book! It seeks the reader's effort, care, and affection for the letters to be read. Unlike many reading experiences, this book responds to body heat by inviting the readers to lovingly caress it, making its black pages fade away.

Love Letters is a project that has toured internationally for over seven years, and through touring has collected more than 350 audience letters addressed to their loved ones. It combines human-centred participatory design aesthetics, live art, soundscape design, creative writing, and wearable technologies. It involves capturing and sharing memories through audience participation, and, storytelling.

My performance and live art photography work and commissions, have been nominated for awards and exhibited in performance art-related events all over the UK.

My work has toured across the EU, at Latitude, and Tempting Failure, i-Docs2016, MIX, Rome's National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia. I have been invited to speak about the work I do with archives, at Arnolfini, and Tate; and I have published articles on the relationship between performance, audience participation, immersive experiences, and VR. Commissions include PaperNations for the Children's Bath Literature Festival. I have also worked with Splash & Ripple delivering creating consultation for evaluating the Empath experience (UX), Of Home and Each Other. I also creatively consulted on PUNCTUM I, and, II for immersive experience conception and audience interaction, and I supported the co-production of sound experience, Discord, which was presented at Somerset House. 

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