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Leaving a gift in your will

Be a producer of future talent and curator of cultural experiences by leaving us a gift in your will

We always remember the special moments in life. For some of us it's precious time with our family. For others it's our achievements. For many more it's those particular times when you were filled with wonder and awe. Your favourite moment in your favourite film. The way you were moved by seeing the perfect artistic statement. The feeling you had when you created something beautiful.

At Watershed, we produce inclusive and accessible cultural experiences that fire up the imagination and bring people together. Our producers support future artistic talent in Bristol to be the best they can be and our cinema curators put together wonderful and different film programmes to inspire and take us away to a different place.

You too could become a producer of future talent and curator of cultural experiences for everyone in the future by leaving a gift in your will to Watershed. We are a registered charity and are only able to do all that we do because of the donations that we receive from supporters like you. No matter how big or small, your gift will ensure that Watershed continues to develop future artistic talent, create opportunities for all to access cultural cinema and support the wider creative industry in Bristol, the South West and internationally.

If you would like to leave a gift in your will to Watershed, give your solicitor our name, address and charity number (as listed below) when making or updating your will:

Watershed Arts Trust Limited
1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX
Registered Charity No. 284188

At Watershed we have no legal expertise and cannot give legal advice, so we always advise that you consult a solicitor when writing your will to ensure it is valid and covers all legal formalities.

However, if you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your will to Watershed, please contact our Development Manager, Kat Watts, by calling 07874 879 889 or by emailing

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