Celebrating our award for Entrepreneur of the Year

We received international acclaim as Europa Cinemas' Entrepreneur of the Year

We were selected from over 1,000 cinemas that belong to a network of cultural cinemas in over 500 cities worldwide, recognised for our adventurous approach to connecting with audiences.

In 2010 we were selected from over 1,000 cinemas that belong to the Europa Cinemas network of cultural cinemas dedicated to showing European film in over 500 cities worldwide.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognised our adventurous approach to developing new ways of connecting with our audiences and for being an inspiring, dynamic and welcoming venue dedicated to showing the best in independent and world cinema.

As our Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove explained at the time:

"In the early days of digital – over ten years ago! – we knew that there was a lot of potential with these emerging technologies to allow a wider engagement with audiences. Now, we no longer think of ourselves only as a cinema but as a publisher, a producer, a promoter, a blogger, a Twitterer, and an archive"

Connecting with audiences is central to Watershed and what we do. Whether you take part in a cinema Q&A, watch a recorded talk, talk to us on Twitter or Facebook, play with one of our artist commissions, read one of our blogs or listen to our podcast, you are a crucial part of our success.

Of course our entrepreneurial spirit continues today. We are currently leading a timely UK-wide reflection on the repercussions of conflict and the ways this has been presented through film in a six month season of films, events, and online resources. Conversations About Cinema: The Impact of Conflict presents a variety of ways to join in these conversations either at events in the building or through social media.

By donating to Watershed your gift will help support our entrepreneurial energy – it will give us more creative capacity to inspire and engage people of all ages in new cultural experiences.

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