Deaf Conversations About Cinema: The Day Shall Come

Deaf Conversations About Cinema: The Day Shall Come


Please note: This event took place in Oct 2019

Nine years after his first film Four Lions, master satirist Chris Morris returns with this wild (and very funny) dark comedy about a Miami preacher who becomes the unlikely focus of an FBI terrorist sting. The 18:10 screening on Mon 14 Oct will feature Descriptive Subtitles and an introduction from Thea Berry, Watershed’s Cinema producer followed by a post-show discussion with audience members, both of which will have simultaneous BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation.

The Day Shall Come follows Moses (Marchánt Davis), an impoverished leader (who believes that both God and Satan communicate with him through a duck) of a small group with high-minded, conflicting ambitions about peacefully returning power to the oppressed. Offered cash to save his family from eviction, he has no idea his sponsor works for an FBI agent (Anna Kendrick), who plans to turn him into a criminal by fuelling his madcap revolutionary dreams, just to look good in front of her boss.

Seemingly 'based on 100 true stories', this is a biting indictment of political paranoia that reveals the farce at the very heart of US homeland security: it's much harder to catch a terrorist than to create one and then catch him.

Join us in the Café/Bar from 19:45 for an informal discussion, which will include BSL interpretation. You’ll receive 10% off drinks with your cinema ticket – so grab a glass and let us know your thoughts about The Day Shall Come.