Cinema of the Palestinian Revolution
Still from Palestine in the Eye

Cinema of the Palestinian Revolution


Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2019


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2019

52 mins, Partially Subtitled, Various
Primary language

In 1982, the Palestine Film Unit archive was destroyed, and its contents stolen during the Israeli invasion of Beirut. It is now known that the Israeli military seized it.

Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University have participated in the work of digitising and restoring films which were produced in the Revolution in the 1960s and 70s - a lost part of Palestinian culture.

Anandi Ramamurthy, the lead researcher who has given these films a new life, will guide us through the selected films giving context and historical background.

The films selected for this screening are:

Zahrat Al-Madain aka The Flower of all Cities 7mins

Dir. Mustafa Abu Ali

A rare example of work from one of the founding fathers of Palestinian Cinema Hani Jawharieh. Produced as part of a cinematic magazine, "The Flower of all Cities", the film presents a harmonious picture of Palestinian civil life that is disturbed by the Israeli army's occupation of the city following the 1967 war with Israel.

Palestine in the Eye 28mins

Dir. Mustafa Abu Ali

A documentary reflecting on the profound impact of Hani Jawharieh through interviews with family, colleagues and his own cinematography, including the moment of his death which he shot with his own camera.

The Urgent Call of Palestine5mins

Dir. Ismail Shammout

A short film following the making of a solidarity song by the Palestinian Egyptian singer Zeinab Shaath to announce the most urgent call of Palestine. The song and the words of Kamal Nasser that break through the ballad continue to hold striking relevance today.

Glow of Memories 12mins

Dir. Ismail Shammout

Centring around a Palestinian man who is the subject Shammout’s painting Memories and Fire. The film acts to unravel his memories using archival photographs and Shammout’s own painting to tell the story of Palestinian experience and resistance.

This work is part of the AHRC-funded Creative Interruptions project, which seeks to explore the way artists have used creativity to give voice to the oppressed.

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