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Serge Bromberg's Retour de Flamme

Serge Bromberg's Retour de Flamme

classified PG

Slapstick 2020


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2020

70 mins, Various

Serge Bromberg, the founder of Lobster Films in Paris, is a true impresario: a film historian who salvages lost classics and curiosities of cinema from attics, flea markets, and other serendipitous places. A conservator who collaborates worldwide to restore these films; and a born showman who, through his now-famous Retour de Flamme (Saved from the flames) presentations, makes moviegoing a thing of wonder and excitement again.

This year’s programme, which Serge also accompanies on piano, features discoveries that he and other devoted film enthusiasts have recently made, including a special Laurel & Hardy surprise!