Found in: Slapstick 2020
Cary Grant : She Done Him Wrong

Cary Grant: She Done Him Wrong

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Slapstick 2020


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2020

Lowell Sherman
Mae West | Cary Grant
75 mins
"Why don't you come up sometime and see me?" - Mae West in She Done Him Wrong.

Slapstick is celebrating Cary Grant’s birthday with one of his earliest screwball comedies. Mae West stars alongside the Bristol-born star in this 1933 bawdy crime comedy that's chock full of double-entendres, witty one-liners and bold carnality.

Burlesque barroom singer Lady Lou (West) knows everyone in town, especially the men. Unfortunately, her convict ex-boyfriend Chick Clark (Owen Moore) is the jealous type and vows retribution against her if she behaves unfaithfully while he's in prison. To make matters worse her boss, Gus Jordan (Noah Beery Sr.), secretly runs a prostitution and counterfeiting ring, and the director of the city mission next door is actually a federal agent (Grant). What's a girl to do?

Famous for featuring one of the most famous (and regularly misquoted!) lines in film history, this is classic comedy at its best.

Presented in partnership with Cary Comes Home Festival.

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