Okido Art & Science Workshop (Coding)

Okido Art & Science Workshop (Coding)


Please note: This event took place in Jan 2020

We’re delighted to have teamed up with Bristol-based independent arts organisation Let’s Make Art and OKIDO Magazine, the super creative arts and science magazine for young children and their families to continue to present monthly hands on family fun workshops. The next one is all about Coding…

What is Coding? OKIDO Magazine and Let’s Make Art present a fabulous family workshop all about this question, especially designed for curious 3-7 year olds. You will explore how coding works and have a go at deciphering some secret messages. You will then use your creative skills to make a coding wheel, a tool you can use to create your own secret messages. Will anyone crack your code! Join us to learn something new, take part in fun activities, and make new friends.

Workshops take place in our Café & Bar and include a screening of an episode of Messy Goes to OKIDO in our cinema.

At each OKIDO Workshop there are two session slots available.

Both sessions are the same and each lasts for 55mins.

Tickets are £7.00 (grown-ups come free!).

About OKIDO workshops

OKIDO workshops are most suitable for children aged 3-7. They are a great place to learn, satisfying curious little minds through collaboration, exploration, creativity, discovery, and critical thinking. All participating children must have a responsible adult on-site throughout the workshop, and the great news is, you can join in! OKIDO encourages grown-ups to get involved. Help your kids (particularly younger ones) get the most out of the workshop and have some fun too!

About Let’s Make Art

Let’s Make Art is a Bristol-based independent arts organisation led by Karen Davies and Alice Hendy. They deliver a whole host of fantastic art events and workshops all year-round, for all ages and abilities. Karen and Alice will run the OKIDO Workshops, bringing their unique, quirky style and enthusiasm to Watershed’s Café/Bar.


OKIDO Magazine is a super creative arts and science magazine for young children and their families. They are also the creators of the hit TV show ‘Messy goes to OKIDO’. OKIDO is all about firing up imaginations and engaging young children with the scientific world around them through play, art and fun. “When you need to know, go to OKIDO!”.