Invitation to Cloudspotting

Mayfest: Invitation to Cloudspotting Guided Listening

Watershed Recommends: Fri 22 - Thu 28 May

Live stream

Please note: This was streaming on Online in May 2020

20 mins

Mayfest are inviting 18 people to experience Pervasive Media Studio resident Raquel Meseguer's storytelling piece A Crash Course in Cloudspotting - an invitation to pause, to listen, and to rest.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting is about care and connection, and we need these things so much right now. If you would like to take a rest with Mayfest, email them at with the subject line 'Cloudspotting' and they will get back to you with instructions on how to participate.

Please note this experience will take place at 18:00 for 20 mins on Sun 24 May and is for a limited audience only. Places will be allocated on a first come first-served basis.