The Dream Palace

The Dream Palace


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Please note: This was streaming on YouTube in May 2020

Alex Ayre
74 mins, Subtitled, 2018, UK

The debut feature documentary from British director Alex Ayre, The Dream Palace explores the unique history of Tyneside Cinema, one of the UK’s best loved independent venues, while casting its gaze more widely to celebrate what going to the cinema means to people around the world.

Featuring contributions from dozens of members of the public as well as filmmakers including Ken Loach, Andrea Riseborough, Mark Cousins and Sir Ridley Scott, whose great uncle opened the Tyneside Cinema in 1937, The Dream Palace explores the profound cultural impact the cinema has had on Newcastle and its inhabitants, inspiring generations of cinema-goers from its first screening to date.

At a time when modern technology allows us to watch a film anywhere, The Dream Palace celebrates the very act of going to the cinema: entering a darkened space, sitting with other people and surrendering to the power of the pictures hurtling down the projector’s beam…

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