The Bullet and the Bass Trombone by Sleepdogs

The Bullet and the Bass Trombone by Sleepdogs

Watershed Recommends: Fri 26 Jun - Thu 2 July

Live stream

Please note: This live stream took place in June 2020

Sleepdogs (Pervasive Media Studio residents Timothy X Atack and Tanuja Amarasuriya) bring you a haunting, intricate recorded performance about a concert orchestra who become trapped in a war zone.

There’s a concert orchestra, trapped in a city during a military coup. As violence erupts, with pitched battles breaking out around them, the orchestra becomes separated – lost – hoping and trying to find their way back to each other. The composer is left to tell the story.

With an intricate, fractured narrative and haunting soundtrack, The Bullet and The Bass Trombone is a modern hymn to people and places now lost. The story comes together from the smallest of pieces, like a mosaic: a whistling bird in the jungle; a gunfight on an airport runway; a murder in a forest of music stands. It’s a fugue of voices, memories and sounds, played by a lone performer trying to make sense of the chaos.

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