Unexpected/Experimental: Shorts from the South West + Q&A
Still from ‘Cwch Deilen’ by Efa Blosse-Mason, produced by Amy Morris of Winding Snake Productions

Unexpected/Experimental: Shorts from the South West + Q&A

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Beyond Boundaries presents: Films in Your Front Room

Live stream

Please note: This live stream took place in Aug 2020

A screening of short films featuring a mix of experimental, digitised and short narrative films from South West filmmakers followed by a Q&A.

Tell me the Good News 6 mins

Dir: Dr Shawn Sobers 2019

Shot in the South African city of Cape Town, a site of multiple complex histories, the city becomes the backdrop for all the featured events of global history, locally, nationally and internationally entangled.

Cwch Deilen (2020) 8 mins

Dir: Efa Blosse-Mason, produced by Amy Morris 2020

Learning to love someone can be scary, but it can also lead to the most marvellous adventure. With a striking illustrative style, writer/director Efa Blosse-Mason tells the story of Heledd and Celyn who navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship.

Facing vulnerability and a sea monster, the lover’s odyssey tests the strength of their Leaf Boat. Through the bewitching power of 2D animation, Cwch Deilen explores the internal worlds of the characters emotions which are visualized through seasons and stormy seas. Welsh language with English subtitles.

Tamar Preview (2015) 6 mins

Dir: Allister Gall 2015

Tamar is an interdisciplinary hybrid film project and live musical performance directed by Allister Gall; with a score written by Thomas Richardson and Chris Muirhead, and performed by the Imperfect Cinema Orchestra. The film combines footage shot by Imperfect Cinema, work captured by children aged 7-14 during two workshops (‘Imperfect cine-train’ and ‘From Plymouth Docks to Present Day’) and archive footage from the Claude Endicott collection at the South West Film and Television Archive.

Super-8 City 3 mins

Dir: Andy Carr 2018

An unnerving, atmospheric glimpse of Plymouth.

Serpentine 17 mins

Dir: Grace Fox

A middle-aged Cornish fisherman struggles to work after suffering a great loss which leads to a debilitating fear of the sea.

کوچه زغالی - Charcoal Alley

Dir: Niyaz Saghari 2020

Behind the hustle and bustle of shopping malls in Tajrish, a bazaar in north of Tehran, where the old meets the new, there is an old street where time seems to have stopped. Here is Koocheh Zoghali (Charcoal Alley) with its old school public bath, the second hand shops with all sorts of bric- a- brac and only one actual charcoal shop remaining from the old days. An experimental documentary film shot in Super8.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A at 21:10 with filmmakers: Dr Shawn Sobers, Associate Professor of Lens Based Media at UWE whose film work is inspired by his interest in anthropology and Niyaz Saghari - a filmmaker and director who makes work focusing on urban life in her home towns of Tehran and Bristol. Event led by Nia Evans and Lauren Tenn.