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Crip Tech and Belonging
Photo by Christopher Cardwell

'Crip' Tech and Belonging*

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Please note: This was streaming on YouTube in Nov 2020

Join us for this Lunchtime talk, the final in a series exploring the Future Themes of the Pervasive Media Studio. Studio resident, Raquel Meseguer will share and discuss her recent research around disabled experiences of tech and connection.

Raquel will be sharing thoughts from her recent research around disabled experiences of technology, connection and gathering. The research will be based on frank chats around these questions:

  • What tech could we, as disabled artists, not live without?
  • How do we create meaningful connection in our work, and in our lives?
  • What technology or strategies foster belonging in disabled and non-disabled spaces?

Raquel's hunch at the time of writing, before she begins the interviews, is that there is tech that humanises and gathers us, and tech that dehumanises and scatters us.

Join us to see how close or far off the mark this proves to be.

*Crip is a term from disability scholarship and justice movements. It denotes a desire “to jolt people out of their everyday understandings of bodies and minds, normalcy & deviance” A. Kafer, Queer, Feminist, Crip.

This talk will be Captioned and BSL interpreted.

You can listen to the audio description of the talk by Raquel Meseguer below:

Future Themes:

This talk is part of a series exploring Future Themes of the Pervasive Media Studio.The Future Themes series is made possible by the ongoing and longstanding collaboration between the Watershed, UWE Bristol and University of Bristol, the fund was set up as an open call to all Pervasive Media Studio residents to spend time exploring ideas at the intersection of technology and culture. Read more about the recipients of our Future Themes funding here.