Cary Comes Home Festival

Cary Comes Home Festival

This year's Cary Grant Comes Home festival has moved online and the overarching theme is Journeys - celebrating the 100th anniversary of Archibald Leach’s first transatlantic voyage to the Big Apple in 1920 and the beginning of his incredible journey to becoming Cary Grant, as well as acknowledging other journeys of class and social mobility, identity and self-discovery.

Highlights for this weekend include:

Love Affairs to Remember Marathon: To extend the watch-along screening of one of Cary Grant’s most romantic roles in An Affair to Remember, the festival is hosting a watch-along marathon of all the Love Affairs to Remember films.

The watch-along will feature all the remakes, from the original Love Affair (1939) to the Bollywood version - Mann (1999), introduced by Monia Acciari (UK Asian Film Festival) as well as a late-night watch-along of Nora Ephron’s homage in Sleepless in Seattle - followed by an informal discussion with poet, writer, and activist Ross Wilkcock.

Two illustrated talks: festival director Charlotte Crofts explores Pauline Kael’s likening of Grant to a loveable but tough ‘mutt’ and tells another Bristol-boy Nipper’s comparable story of his rise from humble mongrel origins to world fame as His Master’s Voice.

In Roamed About Again – academic and author Mark Clancy will explore Cary Grant’s wanderlust and its roots in Bristol as a port city, chaired by Matthew Sweet. You can also watch the book launch for Cary Grant, The Making of a Hollywood Legend by Mark.

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Cary Comes Home is a biennial festival which aims to celebrate Cary Grant's Bristol roots, develop new audiences for his films and recreate the golden age of cinema-going. Find out more at