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Vaccines in Pop Culture

Vaccines in Pop Culture

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Please note: This was streaming on YouTube in Jan 2021

Join Furaha Asani, Watershed's new Research Lead who will be discussing vaccines, currently very much in the public eye due to Covid-19 and their place in popular culture.

This Lunchtime Talk will briefly examine vaccines and their history, some of the myths and significant incidents that have contributed to mistrust in vaccines, and signpost to helpful resources.

Furaha Asani is a migrant, researcher and writer with interest in equity in healthcare, science in pop culture, and digital placemaking, as well as a mental health advocate and hostile environment disruptor. Furaha's PhD was in Infection and Immunity, during which time she undertook research in HIV immunology. Furaha is deeply invested in understanding and writing about the roots of vaccine mistrust, especially where they are due to medical racism, in order to call for scientific accountability and highlight routes towards building confidence in vaccines.