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Plants without borders

Plants without borders

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Please note: This was streaming on YouTube in Jan 2021

Join us for the sixth in a series exploring the Future Themes of the Studio. For this talk, we are joined by Resident Angie Bual from Trigger who will be discussing her project Grow.

Trigger have been exploring ideas around our natural environment, and how plants have crossed borders and become national icons for new places. The English rose originated from China, and tumbleweed from Moscow. Did you know that 80% of the plants in your garden are non-native?

How have plants smuggled their way over the borders, how do we tell their stories, and what if plants could speak? Come and find out at this Lunchtime Talk.

Trigger have been working with academics from Brigstow Institute, Zena Edwards at Apples & Snakes, Trees for Life in Scotland, Wolves Lane Flowers and designer Carl Robertshaw.