The Drifters

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Please note: This was streaming on YourScreen in April 2021

Ben Bond
Lucie Bourdeu, Jonathan Ajayi, Jonjo O'Neill
91 mins, 2019, UK

This love story about identity and place in post-Brexit Britain follows a pair of migrants on the run over one hot summer weekend on the South West coast.

Two outsiders - French waitress Fanny (Lucie Bourdeu) and Senegalese car wash worker Koffee (Jonathan Ajayi) - escape London and their troubled pasts to go on a road trip to Devon to enjoy the summer and, hopefully, find their place in the world. A touching and tender romance blossoms, but trouble from the city - in the shape of a botched heist, stolen jewellery, and a gun - is hot on their heels…

Bright, vibrant, and immersed in Nouvelle Vague cool, this playful film provides a poignant and enlightening commentary on issues of immigration, society and identity (plus it makes Teignmouth look like the French Riviera!). A breezy breath of fresh air.