Bristol Mayoral Hustings

Bristol Mayoral Hustings

Live stream

Please note: This event took place in April 2021

We've teamed up with Bristol24/7 to host a virtual Bristol Mayoral Hustings where you will have the opportunity to pose questions to the candidates hoping to become Bristol Mayor.

The hustings will take place over Zoom and will be broadcast live via Bristol 24/7's YouTube channel using Watershed's broadcasting facilities. Candidates will be asked a variety of questions by Bristol24/7 Editor and moderator Martin Booth and by anyone who would like to take part by submitting their questions in advance by emailing Emails should have the subject line 'Bristol Mayoral Hustings' and include your name and which area of Bristol you live in. Questions can also be submitted live on the night via YouTube's chat function.

Each candidate will be given specific time limits in which to speak in order to make the event fair. They will also have the chance at the beginning and end of the events to introduce themselves and say why people should vote for them.