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Rife Lab 1: Protect Your Boundaries
Credit: Jon Aitken

Rife Lab 1: Protect Your Boundaries

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Live stream

Please note: This live stream took place in June 2021

In this free online workshop for 18-30 year old creative freelancers, Jazlyn Pinckney will help you explore what your boundaries are and more...

Trusting, building and developing our personal and professional boundaries is lifelong work but even though exercising personal boundaries can be challenging to navigate, setting and communicating them is essential for our growth, health, and our well-being.

In this online workshop Jazlyn will help you to:

  • Identify what our boundaries are and why they are important to us.
  • Recognise the cues our bodies give us when our boundaries get crossed, how to evaluate the moment and run through the risk vs gain scale to decide what responses will serve and protect us best in the moment.
  • Practice modelling and sharing responses, phrases and replies that can help us build new ways to honour our boundaries.

About Jazlyn Pinckney:

Jazlyn is now the Head of Workforce development at One Dance UK. Previously she was Inclusion Producer for Watershed; engaged in developing Inclusion practices for South West Creative Technology Network & Creative Workforce for the Future. Jazlyn implements and evaluates thoughtful inclusion strategies to deliver impactful cultural and institutional change.

Who is it for:

This Lab is part of a series of workshops curated by Rife at Watershed for freelance 18-30 year old early career creatives or those who are a little more established in their practice. Themes include ‘setting boundaries’, ‘purposeful branding’, ‘the value of money for creatives’ and 'separating your practice from yourself'.

Come with an open mind, good energy, ready to share and participate.